The idea

Growth is important. In every part of life. Growth in knowledge holding power over all else. The physical is sometimes out of your own control. 

I think that my "taste" in music currently is too biased towards the current. History and the past encompass more time and more thought collectively than anything in my life time. 

Everything in art is appropriation. There are unique ideas, but one cannot remove the past from his own head. Even novel inspiration is rooted and derivative of some complementary electrical impulse in the mind. 

Challenging yourself makes you better. I lack commitment to things. 2017: A commitment to two blog post per week at the least.* The past is important to draw on, wherever life leads me I am attempting to control and catalog the culminating events. I will post in a couple realms. 

1. Album of the day. Inspired by others more knowledgeable in music. Inspired by seeing this article. Picking an album every day or two and listening through, however painful, beautiful art is not cursory, an album as an art piece that cannot be appreciated without the full picture. Each song is a puzzle piece completing the bigger picture. (I would not classify it however as an artwork) I don't expect to like everything I review, but others do so I want to at the least acknowledge all. I will make semi annual/seasonal playlists. Also a highlight roll of songs from my album reviewing.

2. Photo series. I have grown lazy in creation of visual art. I want to commit to at least one new photography project per month.*

3. New ideas and inspirations in life or in art. 

4. (private) posts as notes, realigning ideas and future intentions

Already I am learning of new groups and realizing I skipped seeing them in the past due to lack of knowledge. Life is to short to let big things just pass without notice. I want to seize every opportunity for expansion of my knowledge of the world. I want to start a club at Ohio State, based around music and this idea.* I will post about this one day.

This post is really an amalgamation of ideas. I want to increase my vocabulary.* I don't claim to be a good writer, but the act is good. Successful people catalog and keep notes. Writing words instigate a tangible goal or idea, otherwise an idea can just slowly vanish from the mind. 

Most social media is superficial. I don't expect or even really want this blog to be read. Eventual maturation of Instagram will be necessary. Gear towards actual thoughts not a superficial image. *


*for all inclusive purposes classified as goals for 2017